What is the Collision Repair Process?


What is the Collision Repair Process?To return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition following a wreck or even a minor fender bender will result in a need for a trip to the auto body shop. Many people are curious as to what steps are taken following an accident to ensure they can get back on the road in a timely matter. The following is a brief rundown of that process.

Collision occurs

As soon as the dust settles you will want to check for injuries, call 911 in order to file a police report and contact your insurance agency to let them know that an accident has occurred. They will likely give you a list of body shops to bring your vehicle, but remember the choice is yours!

Transport vehicle to the auto body shop of your choice

Depending on the condition of your car it may need to be towed. Regardless as to if you can drive it or not you will want to bring it to a reputable auto body repair shop. Make sure the shop you choose offers full service collision repair and is able to work with your insurance agency.

Receive an estimate

Once the vehicle is at the shop an estimator will take a detailed look at the vehicle to identify any and all damage that it has received. This will give them the ability to put an educated guess on the final price of the repairs.

Communicate with insurance

Armed with the estimate either you or the auto body shop, depending on your preference usually, will contact your insurance company in order to negotiate repairs and the price. What is covered by your insurance company will depend on your particular policy.

Move forward with repairs

Once an agreement has been met the auto body technicians will move forward with your repairs. Exactly how your car or truck is repaired will depend on the type of damage that it received in the accident.

Drive away happy!

Once repairs are complete you will be given your vehicle back. Auto body repairs generally don't require any sort of follow up visit.

When it is time for collision repair the most important thing to remember is that you get to choose who fixes your car, not your insurance company, so choose wisely! For professional collision repair in Phoenix head to DG Auto Body. We service all makes and models. Give us a call at to request an estimate for auto body repair in Phoenix today.

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