What is Auto Body Panel Replacement?


What is Auto Body Panel Replacement?Following an accident you will likely find yourself at an auto body repair shop awaiting an estimate to find out how much the cost will be for the repairs to your vehicle. As the autobody technician goes over the repair sheet with you they may mention something called body panel replacement. This is the type of repair that is done when fixing the existing body panel may cost more than simply replacing it. This may happen because our vehicles are made up of multiple different panels that can be removed and replaced in the event that they need to be repaired. There's many different types of this sort of repair.

Hood replacement

The hood is the part of the vehicle that covers the engine. If it becomes dinged or dented it may be found that is much easier to simply replace this part then to try to pull the dent, depending on how bad the damage is.

Door replacement

Doors are another part of the vehicle that can be easily bolted on and off. This means that if the doors of your car are crunched it is likely going to be easier to install new ones and repaint the affected area to match the rest of the vehicle.

Fender replacement

Fenders of the part of the vehicle that wrap over the wheels and sometimes wrap around the front of the car or in the back they will go over the taillights or that general area. These parts can be removed and replaced as well should it be found that the damage is too extensive or expensive to repair.

Trunk lid replacement

The trunk lid which is exactly as it sounds, it is the part that covers your trunk. It too can be replaced if it is heavily damaged.

Bumper replacement

If your vehicle's bumpers have seen better days you may find that it is easier and cheaper to have them replaced them to have them repaired.

After getting an estimate for your vehicle's auto body repair make sure that you understand all the terminology used by the technician. If you have any questions just ask! For professional auto body repair in Phoenix visit the team at DG Auto Body. We will gladly answer any questions you have about the auto body process. To request an estimate for collision repair in Phoenix give us a call at today.

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