Keep Your Car's Paint Looking Like New


Keep Your Car's Paint Looking Like NewA freshly painted vehicle is really a thing of beauty. The way the sun catches the fresh coat can put a glimmer in anyone's eye. It would be a shame if that newly painted vehicle were to suffer some sort of cosmetic flaw that resulted in it losing its great appeal. In order to keep your fresh paint job looking outstanding here are a few tips to keep it nice and shiney. If your car does end up needing a touch up don't hesitate to get in touch with your local auto body repair shop as leaving damaged paint unfixed can lead to rust problems.

Parking Lot Awareness

Parking lots are full of dangers for vehicles. You'll be subject to door dings, runaway shopping carts that can leave dings and scratches or even minor collision with inattentive drivers who seem to need to back out of that spot right now. In order to avoid these types of problems consider parking near the back of the lot where it is less crowded, and if at all possible find a corner spot to reduce your chances of damage even more.

Park Indoors

To avoid damage to your vehicle's finish caused by weather, such as hailstorms or elongated exposure to the sun do you best to park indoors as often as possible. Hail can riddle your vehicle with dents, which will usually be repaired using a tactic called paintless dent repair. Sun can cause paint to fade over the years and it will result in a dull finish on your vehicle. When possible utilize parking garages and if you have indoor parking at home, well then it appears it's time to clean out the garage!

Wash Right

To keep your vehicle looking its best it's a great idea to wash it regularly. If you don't utilize professional car washes and prefer to get the job done in your own driveway be sure to use the right types of washing materials. Dish soap, as too many people will use, can actually damage your vehicle. It is designed to remove grease from glass and it can eventually cause your car's finish to fade. For this reason and to avoid other damage that some non auto industry approved soaps can cause be sure to use actual car washing products.

Use Wax

Once you complete the wash don't forget to add wax. This extra step provides a great barrier against flying dirt, bugs and dust, all which can chip the paint on your vehicle. Plus wax gives your car a great shine.

Having a vehicle painted likely means that you care a lot about the car, so do your part to keep it looking great. If you need a touch up or if it is time for auto painting in Phoenix talk to the team at DG Auto Body. We offer expert auto painting for all makes and models, including fleet vehicles. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for car painting in Phoenix give us a call at today.

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Written By Brian Corey

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