Top Repairs Completed by a Professional Auto Body Shop


Cars and trucks can have their bodies become damaged in numerous ways. From minor run ins with mailboxes or shopping carts to fender benders to harsh collisions. Thankfully, due to modern technology, much of the damaged sustained in these accidents can be reversed by auto body repair technicians. There is all sorts of specialized collision and auto body repair that allows for the vehicle to be restored to its pre-accident condition. The following are 6 common types of collision repair.

Dent Repair

Dents seem to come out of nowhere! Depending on the size, type and location of the dent there are a few ways it can be fixed. If the paint is undamaged paintless dent repair may be completed. In other instances body filler may be used or a panel may have to be replaced.

Scratch Repair

Scratches, like dents, seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes. If the scratch is not deep it can often be buffed out. However, should the gouge cut through multiple layers of paint it may require the use of body filler and a respray of the affected area.

Grille Repair

If your vehicle's grille becomes broken it could allow for unwanted debris to make its way into the engine area. A cracked or otherwise damaged grille should always be repaired as soon as it occurs to avoid mechanical complications.

Auto Glass Replacement

A broken windshield can hinder a driver's ability to properly see while controlling his vehicle, which is very dangerous. Broken side glass makes it easy for thieves to get in your car. Always be sure to use OE replacement auto glass when conducting auto glass replacement.

Auto Painting

While not necessarily a repair in and of itself, unless the vehicle underwent other types of collision services, auto painting is a great way to restore the look of a vehicle to its factory condition. Or give it a great new look with a fresh color.

Frame Straightening

In nearly half of all accidents some sort of frame damage occurs. This doesn't mean your car is totaled! Frame straightening is common practice amongst the nation's top auto body shops.

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