5 Steps to Take Following an Auto Accident


Important Steps to Take After an Auto AccidentIf you have been involved in an accident do not leave the scene before ensuring it is safe and legal to do. There are few important steps to take to make sure that you're good to go, regardless if you believe the accident is your fault or not. After the initial collision it is likely that you'll be somewhat shaken up but try to remember the following simple steps to take following an accident. First things first, make sure you are physically OK once the cars have come to a complete stop.

Check for injuries

After the dust has settled be sure to slowly check yourself for injuries. If you feel any type of pain or notice blood be wary about moving, as it could cause your injuries to worsen. If you deem yourself OK, relatively speaking, next check on your passengers and then on the occupants of any other vehicles involved. If it is requested or obvious that it is needed call 911 right away to request medical assistance.

Contact the police

Regardless as to whether or not there are injuries it is always a smart idea to contact the police following an accident. A police presence will ensure that nobody leaves the scene prematurely and it will give you an opportunity to file a police report, which will serve as valuable evidence to your insurance company down the road.

Collect evidence

You'll want to snap some photos of the accident scene using a digital or cell phone camera. Be sure to take close up shots of the damage as well as far away shots that shows the whole scene. You should also take photos of other drivers' licenses and insurance cards. If there are any witnesses ask them to write down what they saw occur, especially if you don't believe the accident was your fault.

Contact your insurance

When safe and legal to do so get in touch with your insurance company before leaving the scene to ensure you've complied with their accident occurrence policies. Later, be sure you deliver any and all evidence, including the photos and police report, to your insurance agent.

Find an auto body repair shop

Lastly you will need to find a collision repair shop that can handle the damage your vehicle has suffered. Remember, it is up to you who repairs your vehicle, not your insurance company. If you need a professional collision repair shop in Phoenix get in touch with the expert technicians at DG Auto Body. We will be happy to work with your insurance company to get the damage repaired! Call us today at to request an estimate for expert auto body repair in Phoenix!

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Written By Brian Corey

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