2 Must Know Laws About Auto Body Repair


2 Must Know Laws About Auto Body RepairThere are numerous misconceptions about what processes must be completed by yourself, your insurance company and the body shop in order to restore a vehicle's looks, safety and driveability following an accident. While the actual steps to file a claim may differ depending on which insurance company you utilize for collision insurance, it is important to know that the law is on your side when it comes to choosing an auto body repair facility to service your car and making the claim process more simple. You may be under the impression that you need multiple quotes for collision repair or that you must utilize a shop that is recommended by your insurance company, but this simply isn't the case.

You have the right to choose the auto body repair shop of your choice

Many insurance companies partner with area auto body shops in an effort to streamline repairs. These partnerships are generally financially beneficial for both the insurance company and the shops since shops may discount repairs for these policyholders, yet it drives traffic and revenue to the shop. Unfortunately, not all of these shops are going to be as well qualified as others, which may allow for the price reductions the offer. What is fortunate however, is that there is no law that states you need to seek the services of any insurance recommended shop. In fact, you have the right to choose any collision repair shop you'd like and the insurance company must pay their portion of the repairs. Always do your research so that you pick a shop that is properly equipped to handle the repairs that your car or truck requires.

You only need to receive one estimate to satisfy your insurance claim

The other thing that many people believe is that they need to get multiple quotes for their insurance company. Again, this is false. By law you only need to get one quote in order to fulfill the needs of your insurance company, regardless of which one it may be. However, it isn't necessarily a bad idea to get multiple quotes, as long as you aren't paying for them. A difference in the cost of a quote generally won't reflect the price of the work, but the detail of the repairs done. A more expensive quote is usually more thorough, which means the auto body shop that conducted the review of your vehicle took the time to closely inspect the damage to ensure all problems are accounted for.

When it comes down to it, it is your choice who completes auto body repair on your vehicle. If you're seeking high quality auto body repair in Phoenix be sure to to contact the team at DG Auto Body. We service all makes and models at our full service collision repair shop, and we are happy to work with your insurance. To learn more about our extensive services or to request a quote for auto body repair in Phoenix call DG Auto Body at today.

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