How is Dent Repair Performed?


How is Dent Repair Performed?Dents are the enemy of just about any car (unless you race demolition derby vehicle!). So following a minor accident that resulted in a ding or dent it is likely that you want to get it repaired. It is pretty impressive when an auto body repair shop can make a massive dent go away like it's magic. How do they really do that anyway? Well, chances are they are not employing Harry Houdini, so it means that their technicians are highly trained in the art of collision repair.

The way that your car's dent will be repaired depends on how what sort of dent has occurred, as well as if there is paint damage or not. Here are some of the more common types of dent repaired performed at most auto body repair shops.

Body Filler

If a dent is deep and has resulted in paint damage along with the actual dent it is likely that a shop may opt to use body filler. There are different types of body filler, some are metallic and some are plastic based. The shop will choose which is best depending on your car and your own preferences.

To fix a dent with body filler the technician will fill the dent and sand it smooth so it matches the contour of the body. The vehicle will then be fully painted or spot painted as necessary to ensure it looks brand new.

Body Panel Replacement

In some cases a technician may deem it necessary to completely replace a panel after it has been dented. This may be the case because it is more cost efficient than trying to conduct dent repair using body filler or some other means. Common body panel replacements include hood replacement, door replacement, fender replacement and truck link replacement. There may also be times when bumper replacement is the best means of repair.

Paintless Dent Repair

If a dent did not cause any damage to the paint and simply pushed the body in it may be possible to complete paintless dent repair. This means that the technician will use specialized tools in order to remove the dent without causing any damage to the paint. This often saves the car owner time and money.

Having dents fixed is important as it can help prevent rust issues, resolve hidden damage and keep resale value at its highest. For professional dent repair in Phoenix head to DG Auto Body. Our team of expert auto body repair technicians will get your car repaired quickly and affordably. Give us a call at to request an appointment or an estimate for auto body repair in Phoenix.

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