Simple Ways to Reduce the Chances of a Car Accident


Simple Ways to Reduce the Chances of a Car AccidentIt's unfortunate, but there is a very real chance you could be involved in an auto accident every time you hit the road in your vehicle. There are numerous threats to vehicles that could result in a need for collision repair. While you can't prevent all accidents from occurring, you can certainly do your part to not be the cause of the accidents. Use these simple tips to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive so that you won't be at fault in a collision.

Clean & Clear Windows

One of the most important thing you can do is ensure that your windows are clean and clear. If the windshield has any cracks or chips be sure to get them replaced. Anything that could potentially cause you to be distracted or have obstructed vision is a major cause for concern. It is a good idea to wipe down your windows, inside and out, at least once a week to prevent dirt buildup.

Glare Reduction

Another factor that can play a role in causing an accident is almost beyond your control. Glare from the sun can cause you to lose your vision momentarily, but that is enough time to end up crunched against the car in front of you. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses in order to battle the bright lights of the sky and keep your driving habits safe.

Ensure Brakes are in Good Shape

The brakes are the most important safety feature of your vehicle. It is crucial that they are in good condition that you can be sure to have sufficient braking power when needed. If you ever experience a grinding noise when braking or if the brake pedal seems to be easy to push to the floor be sure to get to a mechanic right away.

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

Put down the phone, tablet or even the paper map. If you need to do anything that could potentially take your eyes of the road and hands of the wheel, pull over. Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in the US, it shouldn't be rocket science that your text message can wait.

Doing your part to make the roads safer deserves a thanks for everyone around you. However if you do end up in an accident, whether your fault or not, be sure to use a trusted auto body repair shop to return your vehicle to factory condition. For excellent collision repair in Phoenix DG Auto Body is the place to go. With professional technicians who are highly skilled at all aspects of collision repair you can rest easy knowing your car will be safe and reliable when it is returned to you, not to mention looking great! Give DG Auto Body a call at to request an estimate for quality collision repair in Phoenix!

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Written By Brian Corey

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