FAQ: Car Accidents


FAQ: Car AccidentsBeing involved in a car accident can be very scary and it's likely you will have numerous questions as soon as you come to a complete stop. There are few important people that you will be likely be reachout out to after an accident, such as those at your insurance company and the team at the auto body shop who you choose to fix your vehicle. Should you have any other questions aside from these commonly asked questions regarding being involved in a wreck don't hesitate to ask.

Must I call 911 if I am involved in an accident?

If you're involved is injured in the accident 911 should be called immediately. If there are no injuries you don't necessarily have to call 911, but it is often a good idea to have a police officer present to assist in the situation. This will also give you the opportunity to fill out a police report.

What info should I collect from other drivers involved in the accident?

It is important to get several pieces of information from any other drivers who were involved in the accident. You should also use your camera phone to take a picture of their insurance card, license and the license plate of their car.

Is there other evidence I should collect?

Before leaving the scene be sure to take some pictures of the accident, from up close and far away. You should ask witnesses to fill out statements about what they saw. This info could be valuable for your insurance claim.

When should I call my insurance company?

Before you leave the scene you need to contact your insurance company to ensure you begin your claim without missing any steps.

Do I have to go to a collision repair shop my insurance suggests?

Your insurance company will often offer you several suggestions as to where to take your vehicle for collision repair. Ultimately, the selection is yours to make and your insurance must pay out on the claim.

Where do I get collision repair in Phoenix?

If you're searching for a Phoenix auto body shop get in touch with DG Auto Body. Our team of experts will have you back on the road in no time. Give us a call today at to request an estimate for quality collision repair in Phoenix!

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