What Happens After an Auto Accident?


What Happens After an Auto Accident?Following an accident it is likely that you will have questions about what to do next, especially if this is a new situation for you. There are a few things that you should do immediately following the wreck and in the days after. This is a basic rundown, but should you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out to your insurance company or a trusted auto body repair shop.

Assess the situation

Once the involved vehicles have come to a complete stop you will want to check yourself for injuries and then assess other people involved in you're able to do so. If necessary or requested, call an ambulance right away.

Contact Police

It is always a good idea to contact the police regardless if injuries are observed. A police presence will ensure that nobody leaves the scene prematurely and it gives you an opportunity to fill out a police report, which can serve as valuable evidence for your insurance company.

Contact Your Insurance

Before you leave the accident scene get in touch with your insurance company to ensure that you are following their guidelines for filing a claim. They may ask you to gather certain types of evidence, such as photographs, and then give you a list of options for where to go to receive auto body repair. Remember, though, it is your choice who completes your car's repairs.

Find a Great Auto Body Repair Shop

When it comes to finding an auto body repair shop to handle your car's damage there's a few traits to look for. Check out online reviews and read through their websites to ensure they offer frame repair, auto painting and anything else your car may need. Also be sure they offer insurance repairs.

Schedule an Estimate

Once you have found a shop that will suit your needs better than the others give them a call and fill them in on the situation. They will schedule you an estimate time to find out what type of repairs your vehicle really needs.

Move Forward with Repairs

After you're given the estimate you will learn what is covered by your insurance and what you will owe, if anything. At this point you can move forward with repairs.

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