What is Frame Repair?


Your vehicle's backbone is its frame, which is also referred to as its unibody. This is the skeleton of the car of which all other components are fixed to, including the body, steering and suspension components and even the engine and transmission. The frame is highly engineered to handle this immense amount of weight and any bend, crack or other sort of damage could result in your vehicle being very unsafe to drive.

Frame damage can occur in just about any accident, high speed or low speed. It is estimated that about 50 percent of all accidents result in some form of damage. While many people think that if their car suffers frame damage it will result in the vehicle being totaled. This simply is not the case. Modern auto body repair shops regularly complete frame repair, but how?

What problems can frame damage give my vehicle?

A hindered frame can cause several issues for any type of car or truck. The first concern is that that the damaged portion of the frame could actually crack in two, causing another auto accident! However, a bent frame will more or less cause weight distribution issues that can cause control problem, increase tire wear and cause problematic wheel alignment. For these reasons it's important to always have a collision repair shop take a peek at your car to look for frame damage after an accident.

What exactly is frame repair?

Frame repair is basically the process of repairing the vehicle frame to its factory condition. When a vehicle's frame is bent it will become softened in the creases where the frame is manipulated. To ensure rigidity frame straightening must be conducted so the vehicles drives as if it just left the dealer.

How is frame repair done?

There are a few ways frame straightening is completed, one is by using a computer driven machine that utilized hydraulic ramming and pulling to expel massive force in order to reshape the metal. This high tech equipment allows for frame restoration to be completed up to within a single millimeter of the frame's original dimensions.

When a frame is restored to its factory specifications it allows for the correct repair of any other damaged parts as well. If your car has suffered accident damage and may need frame repair in Phoenix come see the team at DG Auto Body. Our state of the art repair shop can handle any sort of collision repair that is necessary following an accident. Give DG a call today to request a free quote for auto body repair in Phoenix at !

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Written By Brian Corey

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