Easy Tips to Avoid Minor Auto Body Damage


Scratches, dings and dents seem to appear out of nowhere. It's really quite mind boggling. Unfortunately, some people are dishonest and following a run in with a parked call may make a run for it themselves. This can leave you with a nice little present, that you don't actually want. In order to avoid minor auto body damage, at the hands of others or yourself, here are a few tips to keep your car looking its best.

Park Indoors

Whenever possible it is recommended that you park indoors. If you have a garage full of clutter it may be time to get organized. Not only will parking take your car out of the driveway or off the street where it could fall victim to the careless acts of others, it also protects it from weather related issues. Harsh winds, hailstorms and other events could leave your vehicle riddled with damage.

Parking Lot Awareness

It is important to always drive slow when navigating parking lots. Look out for runaway shopping carts, pay attention to how close you are parked to other cars to prevent door dings. It is a great idea to seek a parking spot that is off to the side, to say. A spot in the back row, preferably in a corner will help prevent damage caused by other vehicles, albeit at the cost of a further walk.

Proper Washing Techniques

While bringing your vehicle to a professional car wash or automated car wash will often save water, if you're one to do it yourself, be sure you're doing it right. Always use industry approved soaps and scrubbing rags. Using dish soap and kitchen towels could result in tiny scratches all over your vehicle.

Wax After Washing

Another great thing to do is wax after washing. Using a wax will help protect your car from dirt and dust that your vehicle comes into contact with as you're driving.

Drive Slow on Gravel

If you ever find yourself on a dirt or gravel road it is important to go slow, especially while turning. When the tires are angled they may actually kick up rocks or other items directly into the side of your car!

While you can necessarily prevent every ding or every scratch you can do your best try! If you don't find your car has suffered some sort of flaw head to DG Auto Body for expert auto body repair in Phoenix. We offer complete collision repair, including frame straightening, for most makes and models. Give our friendly crew a call at to schedule a free estimate for professional collision repair in Phoenix.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ