Frequently Asked Questions: Collision Repair


Frequently Asked Questions: Collision RepairIt is understandable if you find yourself with many questions following your involvement in a car accident. Regardless as to who was at fault in the wreck one this is for sure, you need to get your car repaired to get back on track with your day to day life. It is important that you reach out to a quality auto body repair shop to have your questions properly answered. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions following an accident.

What happens to my car after an accident?

Immediately following an accident a few things may happen. If the car is not driveable it will need to be towed to a facility for evaluation. It may go to a body shop of your choice or it may go to a lot held by your insurance company where they will evaluate the damage. If the car is driveable you may be able to hold on to the car until the damage can be fixed.

What is the cost of collision repair?

The first part of the repair process involves a collision repair estimate. This should be completed by an auto body repair shop that is known for giving accurate estimates. The final cost of the repairs will depend on the type of damage suffered by your vehicle and the cost of the parts necessary to fix it. What your insurance policy covers will also dictate your out of pocket expenses.

Who completes the auto body repair?

While your insurance company may suggest a repair shop it's important to know that you have the legal right to choose an auto body shop of your choice. Be sure to do your research before settling on any particular shop.

Will insurance cover all the repairs?

What your insurance covers in regard to the costs will depend on your personal collision repair policy.

Will my car be safe to drive after collision repairs are complete?

A quality auto body repair shop will be able to complete repairs in a way that ensures your vehicle is completely safe to drive. If it is not possible to do so, due to frame damage or otherwise, your car may be totaled.

Where can I get quality collision repair in Phoenix?

If you are seeking auto body repair in Phoenix for your import or domestic car, truck or SUV the team to talk to is at DG Auto Body. We offer high quality auto body repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at to schedule an appointment for collision repair in Phoenix or to have any questions you may have answered.

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