5 Top Services Offered by an Expert Collision Repair Facility


5 Top Services Offered by an Expert Collision Repair FacilityWhen you are in need of professional collision repair for your vehicle it is very important that you research businesses that offer the services required by your vehicle. You shouldn't necessarily take your insurance company's advice on which shop to go to, because chances are they have some financial deal with the shop that is mutually beneficial. It is your choice which shop you bring your car to, so be sure that they are able to conduct the following services, which are likely necessary following an auto accident.

Auto Painting

Not every accident will require a vehicle to be fully repainted but chances are that the afflicted area could use a new coat. Make sure the shop you select offers color match painting. This will save you hundreds of dollars over the cost of a full repaint and the process will ensure that your car is properly restored to its pre-accident condition.

Glass Replacement

In many collisions a window will end up broken. Whether your windshield has cracked or door glass has shattered, you can't be driving around without clear vision and proper protection from the elements. Find a collision shop that offers all types of automotive glass repair.

Frame Repair

The frame of your vehicle is what supports the transmission, engine, body panels and everything else that your vehicle consists of. If it becomes damaged due to bending or cracking it may result in a vehicle that is difficult to control and unsafe to drive. Nearly half of all accidents result in a need for frame repair so be sure that you select a shop that uses modern technology to return frames and unibodies to their factory specification.

Paintless Dent Removal

If a vehicle suffers a dent that does not harm the paint it is likely it could be restored using paintless dent repair. This technique allows technicians to remove the dent without the use of filler or drilling, so that the paint remains perfectly intact. Ask your local body shop if the damage your car has suffered qualifies for this money saving repair.

Insurance Repairs

In most cases you will want your insurance to be billed for repairs completed to your car, but not all repair facilities like to deal with insurance companies. If you don't want to see the bill, make sure it will be sent to your carrier.

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