3 Tips to Keep a Paint Job Looking Brand New


3 Tips to Keep a Paint Job Looking Brand NewWhether you recently bought a new car or just had your long time daily driver repainted to give it a great new look or you had a fresh coat of paint applied because it was involved in an auto accident, there are a few things you can do to keep that new paint job looking great for years to come. There are plenty of ways to ruin a paint job, but if you care about your car, taking a few moments to help preserve its looks will ensure a beautiful car for years and years. Here are three tips to maintain a new auto paint job.

Stay Out of the Sun

If you have the ability to park your vehicle indoors you should take that option. The extra seconds you save by not having to open the garage door may seem like a great way to sleep in just that much longer, but the less sun the better for vehicle paint. The sun's UV rays can cause the paint to fade. It usually takes a long time to notice, but in places with lots of sunshine the damage can begin to appear rather quickly.

Use Proper Washing Materials

Pouring dish soap into a pan of warm water and using a hand towel to wash your car is probably not the best idea. When washing your vehicle be sure to use auto-industry approved cleaners, microfiber mitts and clothes for scrubbing and 100 percent cotton or sheepskin towels for drying the vehicle to avoid tiny scratches or paint swirls.

Don't Forget to Wax

After cleaning and polishing the vehicle be sure to apply the wax. This extra step will ensure that your car's shine last for many miles. Make sure the vehicle is completely clean and that it hasn't been parked in direct sunlight prior to waxing. The paint should be cool to the touch before applying wax for the best results. Be sure to read the instructions on any cleaning products that you use to ensure they are properly applied!

Caring for a paint job can be dutiful, but first you'll actually need to get that car that doesn't look so hot resprayed. If you are interested in auto painting in Phoenix come talk to the experts at DG Auto Body Collision Repair & Auto Painting. Our team is highly skilled at auto painting, as well as all other aspects of auto body repair. Give us a call today at to request an estimate for expert collision repair in Phoenix!

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